Are You a Small Business Owner Running the Company by Yourself? 

I can help you.

I am Scott Rooks, a freelance writer for hire.

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I write for small businesses and startups who need high-level content creation to grow a small business. You know the content I am talking about because it ranks high in Google Search and drives lots of traffic to your site.

My content is SEO tweaked so your keywords find the targeted clients to make your small business grow and meet your goals.

I have years of experience:

  • In the Business field and have a degree in Business.
  • I know the Personal Development field because it is something I am passianate about. Helping others.
  • I also have expert knowledge in the Technology field expecially the development and design of websites.

These are the fields I write in because of the knowledge I have obtained over time. If your small business needs help I am the writer for you.

Together, we can create content that focuses on your clients’ problem(s) and provides them with a solution(s). High-quality content, not just fluff, but content that shows your knowledge and understanding of their dilemma.

Don’t you think it is about time you hired someone that can partner with you to help you succeed and become self-sustainable over the long run?








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