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Hi I’m Scott Rooks

Tired of writing your own content? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you need a writer? I know what you’re going through, I also own a small business.

I know its hard to find good writers that can meet your needs. You want a professional with experience writing business-like content . I am that writer and can save you time while being a supplier of valuable copy for websites, social media, blog post, emails or newsletters. I know because I have been writing content for my small business for 11 years.

I specialize in:

  • Writing content that gets attention and is easy to read.
  • Writing content using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules and keywords that will help you rank higher.
  • Writing blog post for lead generation to increase revenue.
  • Writing targeted emails and content for your email blast.
  • Write social media post to increase engagement and be more relevant so your content is shared,


I can help:

  • Your blog post to be more interesting, attract the right customers and drive traffic.
  • Using SEO to write with words or phrases that attract the right customer with the right issues that you can resolve.
  •  I can help you write those post that are deeper and get to the core of what people are looking for today.
  • I will help you drive traffic that converts for email list, read blog or make a sale.

I specialize in the following these industries: Personal Development, Business, and Technology. 

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Let me help you build a rock-solid business that is profitable and sustainable over the long haul.

Are you ready to take the leap? 


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“You need a writer with 11 years of experience writing business-like content for small business. “

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